Overcome Learning Difficulties

As an Educational Therapist with 25 years experience in my Brisbane and Ipswich clinics, two common factors came through concerning people with learning difficulties,

  1. unfinished neurological stages as babies, e.g., no tummy time, missing out on crawling, bouncinettes and baby walkers taking the place of natural stages essential for eye focusing and for both parts of the brain to work together.
  2. Another was a bad experience or experiences, that blocked learning.  This requires simple techniques from “Sleep Talk Therapy” to correct the negative belief.  It usually takes 28 days to show the important changes necessary to have that child learning happily again, or for the first time.  You only have a window of opportunity until they are 10 years of age.

Both are addressed when I work with adults and children.

A book on the stages I take people through, is available, in order to share the information with other parents and teachers.  It is written from the point of view:  what can I do in the daily routine, that will improve my child’s learning?

What can I do as an adult, that will unlock my learning potential?

Teacher Professional Development:
Two day workshops can teach you how to speed up the rate at which your class learns, and be happy and productive.  I know it is another intrusion on your time and hence reluctance to apply the techniques for lack of time in an already burdened timetable.  Before starting work, 5 minutes can settle students, have them productive and concentrating better, SAVING YOUR VALUABLE TIME!!

As classroom teacher, music teacher, and EAL teacher, I consistently found that the increase in productive learning time was as high as 400%, with  all students happily involved.

Follow up to overcoming learning difficulties:
Super Learning Seminars to make work unforgettable.  Speed reading wit excellent comprehension. Spelling success 100%, remembering formula, maths made easy and enjoyable, literacy progress made personal and satisfying, confident speech and self image strong, all these are the results of the one day Super Learning seminar.

How do I know all this will work?
"I had a brain injured baby, who needed this intervention.  Books by Doman and Delacato assisted me to give her normal baby and toddler experiences, and learn whatever she wished throughout her life.   She now lives in London and has studied a science degreee there."

Brain Gym Consultant training, enriched this learning freedom, and added to the strategies she could use with a child, an adult, and in her own teaching with classes. 

"I needed this knowledge to guide me when I got hit by a truck and acquired brain injury.  I learnt from physiotherapists and occupational therapists at St. Lucia’s Queensland University research department. Further work from Osteopath in the cranial field, Dr. John George, brought back lost learning ability and relief from pain.  My recovery was impressive: speech recovered, balance and coordination restored, eyes focused again so I could enjoy reading books, read road signs and not get traffic infringement notices.   I went from subnormal in auditory processing and reading, back to the superior range.  Since then, University study has been comfortable and highly successful with distinctions and even a high distinction to reinforce my confidence in the system of rehabilitation that gave me back my life and abilities.

After graduation, Griffith University employed me to teach in their ELICOS Centre Mt. Gravatt.

Trusted professionals in the recovery process for my child and adult clients, became part of my team to Overcome Learning Difficulties.  Since making my home in Tasmania, a new team of professionals has become my referral base for people seeking this same learning success.

As educational Therapist, I offer parents and teachers simple techniques that compliment home and classroom learning situations, and support professionals in the fields of speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, sports, building healthy relationships.

As a registered, qualified teacher, I offer coaching to catch up on lost learning experiences in literacy and numeracy.

Where does all this take place?
100 Viewbank Road