Carolyn Riley's Art Review of Sandra Petersen's Art Work 2013

Sandra Petersen’s Exhibition
“Earth Designs”
held at
The Northern Club
Friday 3rd March 2013

“Earth Designs” opening night at Launceston’s Northern Club attracted a gathering of one hundred and fifty art enthusiasts. All were keen to view artist Sandra Petersen’s artwork firsthand.  All were rewarded with a diverse abundance of exciting works.

These were the culmination of Petersen’s creative talent, which was so dramatically depicted in this exhibition.

Dignitaries from government, local council representatives and artists of note attended, including members of the Launceston Art Society.

Media coverage was generous with a two-page spread in colour devoted to the event.

The ambience of the heritage-listed venue, coupled with the elegant surrounds, afforded an excellent space for the artist’s work.

The arrangement of Petersen’s artwork created balance and flowed from one related theme to another.  Contrasting quiet pieces complimented busy active subjects in well positioned groupings.  A dynamic rendering of Tasman Arch dominated the double doorway entry more powerfully than if it had been hung on a wall space.  This was due to the heritage listed building having very high ceilings.  It was obvious that professional skills had been employed in the organizing of the position of each work, showing it to best advantage.

Sandra's work in pastels and inks showed strong use of colour and the dramatic effects of diagonals in skies, seas and rock formations.  Brave use of textures in her British Admiral Beach big canvas captured the ever-changing patterns of foam on sand and retreating waves that flowed rhythmically in harmony with the Roaring Forties.

Impressionist colour techniques were demonstrated in all beach and cliff scenes with dots and slashes of colours next to each other rather than blended into something less vibrant.

Tempera as the ground for the pastels was highly successful in allowing for layering of colour to give impressions of objects protruding from their backgrounds.

Overall I have seen Sandra's work emerging with confidence since she first joined the Launceston Art Society and participated in our workshops.  I can see skills from these workshops reflected successfully in her exhibition work.  The maturing of her artistic approach has been more dramatic in the past nine months since her grant started.

I would like to congratulate Sandra on her successful exhibition and wish her even greater success in all her future endeavours.

Carolyn Riley
Workshop Coordinator
Launceston Art Society