Geraldine Sadler's Art Review of Sandra Petersen's Art Work 2013

I have been given a rare opportunity to both hang and review "Earth Designs ; the connectedness of all things ".  This solo exhibition by an emerging artist Sandra Petersen comprising of 26 new works. Here the sculptor and the painter explore texture, colour and the process to capture the inherent designs within nature.

Sandra's passion for Tasmania's natural environment is expressed through her sculptural works, sweeping canvases and pastels alike. Her images convey a recurring theme of the familiar forms and patterns found in water pools, rock formations and sky. Borrowing textures and lace-like Lichen formations from her sculptural pieces she plays with these motifs time and again through the richness of pastel layers and ink work. Sandra confidently reworks these organic designs elements into her seascapes and landforms creating a sense of unity for this uniquely Tasmanian work.

The traditional backdrop of Launceston's Northern Club dining rooms provides a new and lively space to show her work. Not overshadowed by the scale and proportions of the Victorian dining room, the framed pastels and larger canvas paintings fill this room with a colour and vitality. The smaller reception & dining area introduces the theme with a sampling of the exhibition beyond. The viewer is drawn though the wide opening doors by the lightness of works such as 'Midway Point' and 'Spring Beach' and invited to enjoy the flowing imagery.

'Earth Designs' exhibition comes together under the watchful image of Sanda's broody Cape Baron Goose who appears very much at home in this landscape.

Geraldine Sadler

BA - Design , Specialisation in Exhibition / Display Design from University of Western Sydney,  Nepean.